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Inshore fishing

We use spinning gear with artificial lures/baits, however, if you fly-fish at home you're welcomed to bring your own gear along. We revive and release bonefish (as well as tarpon and permit) in the interest of marine conservation, and to provide action for future anglers.


Finding Bonefish depends on the currents and the weather conditions. These fish can average 3-6 lbs. The rising tide is a prime time, as the tide floods the shallows, bonefish move in to feed.  They are often found in areas known as the muds- shallow water where the sea looks milky from fish churning up the bottom while feeding.


Catch and release a Tarpon! These fish can be found all around the island and are common in canals and around the shoreline and mangroves, averaging 20lbs. Easy to attract and full-action, we can pretty much guarantee tarpon action if thats what you're looking for!


Snook are rare to find in Cayman but they are found around mangrove areas of the North Sound or along the coast, averaging 24 inches. 


Permit are also rare in Cayman but when we do find them they average 15-35lbs..

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