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Our crew doesn't just love fishing, we live for fishing. It’s not a job, it’s a passion- & we want to show you the thrill we get out of it.

Grateful to be based in the beautiful Cayman Islands, with year round fishing, warm weather, and unique geographical structures. Our islands misleading flat landforms atop a very steep underwater progression. From the stunning flats, lively coral reefs, ‘the edge’ teaming with prized pelagic game fish, to the incredible depths of the Cayman trench (+20,000ft deep). The edge is often only half of a mile off the shoreline, making even our deep sea fishing charter suitable for everyone in the family. Come catch your prize gamefish, impressively close to shore!


With either our intrepid 33 or seahunter 37, we can get you to the fish in speed and comfort. We have the local knowledge, ideal boats and top of the line equipment and gear to do any kind of fishing that interests you.

All of our charters carry a drinks and food cooler which we load up with ice, bottles of water, and often a variety of sodas. Guest are welcomed to bring their own drinks/food and store in the cooler as well.

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