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Mondays deep sea yellow fin

A later start then usual to be able to fish the tides. The last few days during the annual BK big fish tournament has been super slow with only a handful of weighable fish caught. Picking the guests up from Kaibo (Boston boys), we exited out of rum point channel. The wind and sea calm, little to no seaweed on the edge. heading down towards the NW point of the island, marked some good bait and dragged out a couple of barracuda. On the point the downrigger exploded, screaming line and taking off. Clearing the lines the angler got to work, somewhere in the last few yds the fish shook and pulled the hook, a nice little wahoo around 30lbs. We made a few passes to see if there were more but silence took over. Wanting to switch it up, Capt dom, decided to make a drift. Setting up 2 rods he slacked out barracuda chunk and fresh sprats. On the first drift in less then 3 mins we had line going the other way, tuna on. Coming tight and up and down on the fish the back rod screamed off also. Double header, after a great long run stripping

120/150 yds of line the line parted leaving us with just the one.

working on this one Nate did a great job and had the fish to the boat in less then 12 mins.

A nice little yellowfin tuna around the 40 lb mark.

A great day was had by all and now plenty of fresh fish for dinner for the Boston boys.

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