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Mondays fishing action

Monday we welcomed a family of 5 from Canada. They wanted to go out and target wahoo early morning. Running out from the dock, the wind was calm and the sea the same. Once out the channel we turned down sea and headed towards “North West Point” working the edge from 300ft to 900 for. Unfortunately no strikes while heading upto the point, once we made it to the point we had a run off on the downrigger with produced a small barracuda that sadly didn’t quite make it to the boat, shaking the hook just off the transom. Heading back around a short bite on the wire line that looked to be a wahoo. We decided to work the edge and head up 7 mile beach Sadly there was not much more action after that. we wanted to make sure we got something for them to catch and then cook up at tukka west restaurant, so pulled inside the reef and set out some cut bait on spinning gear and caught 2 mutton snappers. We called it a day after catching 2 mutton snappers from the reef, taking them back to tukka west for the chefs to prepare some fresh ceviche. A great day was had by all and we ate good 👍

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