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Sundays sunset bite

Leaving late afternoon we heading for the northwest point if the island. Along the way running into some goggleeyes we were able to net and keep alive in the live well. we slowtrolled 2 wirelines upto the point with no strikes. Once on the point we setup to drift our fresh livebaits. The first one got smoked and when we got it back had just missed the hook. Similar story with the second one however looks more like a shark or barracuda bite. About to call It a day as the sun was just setting we decided to set out 3 highspeed lines.

A long line was a 50 tiagra with 60lb test with a trolling weight, shockleader and iilander highspeed lure. The other was the short wireline with a 50 tiagra with a cowbell. The other medium was a tiagra 50 with 60lb test, same setup but with a magbay highspeed. Approaching where we were about to pull up our lines right off the channel the long 50 wide explodes, line screaming off, slowly slowing the boat down and getting to work. Target aquired, a small 18/20lb wahoo. Not bad for 3 hours on the water. Fresh wahoo for dinner 💪🏽

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